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                                                    ABOUT US

Earp Distribution, whose official name is Earp Meat Company, was founded by Don and Marie Earp and originated as a partnership in 1954 that sold quality fresh meat to restaurants, hotels, and institutions in the Greater Kansas City area. The company was incorporated in 1967, with all stock being owned by the Earp Family. The company is in its third generation of ownership; currently being led by Cliff Earp.


In 1962, the Company began selling fresh hamburger to two McDonald’s restaurants in Kansas City. Eight years later, at McDonald’s request, the Company became a distributor to McDonald’s restaurants, selling various food products, in addition to fresh hamburger.


In 1972, the Company started servicing McDonald’s restaurants in Wichita, Kansas, the first area expansion outside Kansas City. By 1975, the Company also serviced the Joplin and Springfield, Missouri markets and most of Nebraska.


On October 1, 1974, Earp Distribution sold its fresh meat business and building at 1615 E. 8th Street and moved to 5510 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, Kansas. In February, 1979, the Company began to deliver fresh buns every other day to 37 McDonald’s restaurants in greater Kansas City in addition to once weekly deliveries of frozen, refrigerated and dry food products, including produce and dairy products, twice weekly to restaurants in Wichita. Gradually, this program was expanded to 57 restaurant locations.


In 1998 the company began delivering to Chipotle restaurants in the Kansas City market. By 2008 the company had expanded its deliveries to include 50 Chipotle restaurants located in the Greater Kansas City, St. Louis & Springfield, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Wichita markets.


In October, 1984 our distribution center at 6550 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, Kansas, became operational. It was expanded to meet customer needs thru the years, but in 2008 it was determined we would need a larger facility. Through 2008, the company serviced 420 McDonald’s and 50 Chipotle’s from this location.


In August of 2011, we completed our move to our new 184,000+ square foot facility located at 2730 South 98th St, Edwardsville, Ks. There are future expansion capabilities in our new center. The center has a flow thru design to increase productivity, an energy efficient design with an energy management system, an ammonia refrigeration system, and an onsite emergency generator backup. Our physical plant consists of a 20,000 sq ft freezer, a 17,000 sq ft cooler, a 26,000 sq ft cold dock, 67,000 sq ft of dry storage, 18,000 sq ft office area, and a 14,000 sq ft truck maintenance garage.


Earp Distribution continues to look forward to the challenges of expansion, is proud and appreciative of its association with McDonald’s and its growing relationship with Chipotle. The purpose of the company is to deliver frozen, refrigerated, dry and promotional products to our restaurants as well as provide added value services to ease the burden of the restaurant managers.

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