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Fresh Beef

Driver Process at Restaurant:

  • Driver notifies restaurant at the time of arrival that delivery contains “Fresh Beef" (fresh beef will be loaded on cooler Pallet)
  • Driver notifies restaurant staff that the cooler pallet contains Fresh Beef and it needs to go directly to the restaurant cooler.
  • Driver must ensure fresh beef is going directly in cooler. Under No Circumstances should product to be staged outside
  • Restaurant is responsible for temp probing fresh beef
  • If product is not within temperature range (28.1 F to 40 F) or has any other issues the driver will immediately call Dispatch and notify them of the situation.
  • Driver should follow normal process for signing invoices and confirming product temperatures are in range.
  • Driver will enter quantity of cases delivered & code date(s) on the invoice.
  • Fresh beef can only be refused at delivery if it is not in temp range (28.1 - 40)  or if the case is damaged/leaking.
  • Restaurants should not refuse fresh beef at the time of delivery for supplier quality issues. Supplier quality issues should be handled through customer service. Additional info: patty color chart should only be used after the fresh beef package is open. The package should NOT be opened in the cooler.

         Note: Drivers “MUST” Contact Dispatch Immediately if there are any issues at the delivery


Assistant Process at Restaurant:

  • Assistant will take clear, before delivery picture, showing date(s) of fresh beef on hand.
  • Assistant will gently place “Rotated” fresh beef on bottom shelf in the designated area provided by the restaurant for fresh beef.  Fresh beef could also be stored on a dunnage rack if that is where the restaurant has designated for the fresh meat.
  • Fresh beef can only be on the shelf by itself or the same shelf as eggs are stored.
  • Fresh beef cannot be stacked on its side.
  • Fresh beef cannot be stacked no more than (9) high.
  • Assistant will take clear, after delivery picture, showing dates and product delivered.
  • Make sure curtains are down and in place before leaving cooler area.