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Yard Operations


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Dispatch Fresh Beef Guidelines


Acceptable temp range….28.1 to 40. Restaurant is responsible to temp fresh beef.


Restaurant cannot refuse product except for physical damage. Restaurant must call Customer Service for all other issues.


Driver must enter cases delivered and use thru dates on invoice. Dispatch must be certain this requirement has been adhered to when checking in invoices


UNA Helper must have clear before and after pictures showing placement, quantity and use thru dates. Dispatch must audit said pictures to make certain this requirement has been adhered to.


Fresh beef can only be on the shelf by itself or the same shelf as eggs are stored.


Fresh beef must not be stacked on its side or more than 9 high.




Fresh Beef Inbound


Inbound fresh beef goes directly to fuel island


After fuel, trailer is backed into door and plugged in.


Dress Code


Except for casual attire will be adhered to in the Dispatch office. This means dress shoes, slacks and Dispatch blue uniform button down shirt.


Casual Fridays allows for blue jeans and tennis shoes. The Dispatch blue uniform button down shirt is still required.



Payroll Self Audit


 If your name is associated with a pay error,


Pull that pay record and find where you made the error, if any.


You are to note on the pay record your findings


Place noted pay record in Tim’s mailbox.


Lot Check


 Each Dispatcher will perform a lot check daily at the beginning of shift. Said lot check will include, but not limited to,


Correct trailer temp settings and readings


Electric bypass operation


Trailer wheel chocks


Yard map accuracy


Any non-conformances shall be documented on an incident or non-conformance report and the responsible employee coached. A report on said lot check shall be completed and submitted to the Tim


Dispatch Observed Vehicle Inspection

Each Dispatcher is to observe and document a pre or post trip each shift. Simply look out the window. Is the driver just sitting in the truck? he opening the hood?, is he checking the lights?, is he checking the tires?. You can tell if the driver is actually doing an inspection. Document the observation on the observation sheet and place in Tim’s mailbox.

Employees not to operate company vehicles

Joey Mills

E Tarter

Jeremy Reyes

Doug Mackey