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Welcome to our Web Site!

We have a NEW! Report Library.

Owner Operators and Restaurant Managers will find many valuable business reports on our site. When you log into the Report Library, you will find a monthly sales analysis of your purchases, scanned images of your delivery invoice, a Price List, Our Policy and Procedures Guide and much more. We invite you to take a look at The Earp Report Library and send us feedback. One enhancement that we think will be beneficial for you is that monthly reports will no longer be overridden. The library is designed to hold many of the reports beyond the current one month at a time. This feature will allow you to have access to previous monthly reports and give you access to that information when you need it for up to the past 12 months for most reports. The Restaurant Reports and Owners Only tabs as well as many of the Tabs that were on the left side of the Home page will no longer be available, but you will be able to find those documents in the Earp Reports Library. To learn more about how to navigate around the Reports Library, refer to the “Instructions for the Report Library” tab.

An ID and password is required to access reports and restaurant specific information. If you have forgotten your ID or password or need help with navigating the site, please call Cathy Smith (913 906 2739).

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"If it's good for McDonald's, it's good for us"

…Don Earp
One of the top initiatives on our Plan to Win is 100% Communication for 100% Alignment.

We hope our Web Site is helping us to achieve that goal. Want to see more or different content? Let us know!
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